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Our staff has a broad range of experience in handling most issues related to emotional problems. We use short-term solution focused therapy to deal with problems and enhance your life through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (C.B.T.) and other cutting edge technology including biofeedback.

Problems Treated

C.B.T. has been extensively validated in research as the best method for dealing with many problems including:

Many patients appreciate our method because it focuses on problems that they are facing immediately so that relief comes in a timely fashion.

The use of biofeedback and neurotraining for the purposes of relaxation training is specially useful in dealing with stress related problems which are becoming more and more prevalent today.

People Served

Anyone who wants to improve their life can benefit from this form of treatment. A therapist can be of great assistance in dealing with many of the problems that are all too common in today's modern world.

  • Adults face many unique demands throughout the lifespan. Whether you are just starting out, questioning the future or regretting the past, we can be of assistance in dealing with life's social, relational and occupational difficulties. We can provide direction during a time when you are unsure of what to do next.
  • Couples who experince unresolved conflicts are at a higher risk for separation and divorce. We can help partners gain a better understanding of one another and improve their communication so that they can have loving, supportive and deeply satisfying relationships.

Psychological Testing

Assessment by a qualified psychologist is necessary at times to quantify a person's level of functioning. Based upon the results, specific recommendation can be made that are tailored to fit the individual. The questions which psychologists are asked to answer vary widely:

  • Intelligence Testing is conducted in order to determine an individual's level of cognitive functioning. During this process a person's strengths and weaknesses are determined which can be of assistance in determining which methods of learning are most suited to the individual.
  • Achievement Testing focuses on an person's general fund of knowledge. Often times this is necessary in order to determine appropriate placement for the individual being assessed.
  • Neuropsychological evaluation involves examination of a individual's cognitive processes or thinking style. Frequently this is done when people have suffered some event that has limited their cognitive ability such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury.
  • Personality Assessment is the examination of people's emotional functioning and those factors that impact their day to day life in this area. This can be useful for treatment purposes so that therapists can further focus on the presenting problem.
  • Forensic evaluation is done for legal purposes in order to determine a person's current level of emotional pain & suffering, their true cognitive and emotional capacities, and their judgment.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment with one of our psychologists, please e-mail us.

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