Flatiron Psych Group


Most people have days when they feel sad. Maybe your job or relationship has got you feeling down. Often times we are able to pull ourselves out of this rut on our own. When it starts having a significant impact on your day to day living, it has then reached a level where professional help should be considered. Common signs of depression include sad mood, tearful episodes, irritability, appetite & sleep disturbance, social isolation, distractibility, and recurrent thoughts of death.

people seek treatment through medication, but often this is not sufficient. Medication can lift the veil of depression, but it is most useful when coupled with psychotherapy. Researchers have found that cognitive-behavioral therapy has a significant impact on depression. By working with one of our skilled therapists, you will learn to modify dysfunctional thought patterns about the self, future, and world which seem to be at the center of most depression.

Depression can have a significant negative impact on the lives of people who suffer with it. Short term psychotherapy can alleviate many of these symptoms so don't wait another day, call or e-mail us now to set up an appointment. Contacting us can lead to a healthier, enjoyable, more fulfilling life!