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Obsessive Thinking

"What if ...?" is the classic question that many people with obsessive thinking deal with on a daily basis. Many people obsess about careers, relationships, or things that they encounter on a day to day basis. Not everyone has the capacity to get rid of these thoughts and they can take over a person's life.

The classic forms of obsessive thinking center around checking, contamination and hoarding. Examples of thoughts that these individuals have respectively include:

Other forms of obsessive thinking are also quite common. They can range from sexual concerns to work to relationships. These thoughts often lead to compulsive behaviors that can be quite debilitating.

Studies have shown that the treatment that is most effect for obsessive thinking is a cognitive-behavioral technique called exposure with response prevention. Relaxation training is taught and the individual learns to confront fears without engaging in rituals that have previously been used to decrease anxiety.

The staff at Flatiron Psych Group has extensive experience in dealing with obsessive thinking in a systematic way that brings about results in a timely fashion. Don't wait another day, call or e-mail us now to set up an appointment. You'll be glad you took this step towards controlling the thoughts that plague you today.